Buying Second Hand Swim Fins

So the budget is tight and your last pair of swimming flippers break. What now? You have a look at some online shops and they are a bit to expensive for your Burger King job. You have a look at a second hand shop and find a decent looking pair of swim flippers. Do you go for it?

That really is a decision that you need to make and not me. I do know that swim fins can be molded to a persons foot after a while of use. This can cause some discomfort to you in the long run. If you have a high arch and the person before you had a flat foot, let's just say the combination won't be very good.

What Now???

So my advice to you would be to buy a new pair. Have a look maybe the second hand pair have hardly been used and you score. Just watch that it has it's original swimming flipper shape and you'll be good to go.