How To Use Swimming Flippers

The correct way for using swimming flippers depends on a number of factors.
Things like:

  1. What type: Some are made to be used in the ocean for diving purposes, some for surfing the waves, while others are meant to be used in the swimming pool for training.
  2. Where: The ocean, Olympic pools, swimming pools,
  3. Your coach: Some coaches prefer there swimmers to kick a certain way or a specific exercise requires them to kick such a way.
  4. The purpose: What you use them for.

In a Olympic swimming pool swimming flippers need to be used correctly. You need to find the way that is most effective for you. Here are some ideas

  • While doing your regular swim keep kicking under the water, that your feet never break the water.
  • Kick fully emerged in the water only coming up every 18 kicks for a breath.
  • Vary the speed of your kicks. One fast length one slow length.
  • Vary you kick style: Side kick, back kick and even butterfly kick.

Using a varying style will begin to strengthen the muscles around the ones you would only use for freestyle kick. You will find that your kick will improve and speed up your swim.

There are many ways to used swimming flippers, you just need to find what is best for you.