Pain From Flippers

When I was training, swimming like 200 lengths a day. You sometimes (most times) get very sore feet from using swimming flippers. Blisters start coming and skin starts disappearing.

Im sure if you are a swimmer or getting into it, you will know all about this. Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret that will solve all your problems. Socks. I'm sorry. Did you not see that? I said Socks. That's right you heard me. You may be thinking "there is no way I'm getting in a pool with socks on." The choice is up to you:

  1. Look like a idiot and put the socks on under your fins, but feel no pain (at least not as much)
  2. Look normal, but struggle in the pool from pain and the rest of the week.

Try using some secret socks this may help a bit.