Without A Paddle

When training in a pool, doing your "hundreds of lengths a day," you might be using swimming flippers. This would make your swim alot easier and give you time to focus on your technique. Now, something that is commonly used along with it is the paddle. The swimmer puts his hand throught the straps in the paddle to hold it in place.

The main use of these is to change a few things for the swimmer.

  1. The swimmer can focus on the push that he/she needs to make at the end of each stroke.
  2. The intitial pull from top to bottom in a stroke will become much harder; thus making the swimmer pull harder.
  3. One can take a longer, harder stroke.
  4. The swimmer will work harder so when the paddles are removed the stroke will be easier.

The paddle is used very often in a swimming squad or doing swimming training and makes a big difference to a swimmer. If you had to use a paddle for a few weeks you would see a big improvement.

Do not be mistaken, the paddle is not to be used during the entire training, just a portion. It is also very important to do a good warm up before using your paddles.


Swimming paddles usual come in different sizes.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

The level you are on will determine the size of your paddle. Your age and size will also make a difference. Usually a beginner swimmer will start out with a smaller paddle, unless the beginner has big hands like me. Then I would suggest taking a medium.

Once you get stronger in your upper body, you can take on the large. This will make you nice and sore the first few days, but you will get used to it.